He was the first animation film made by Walt Disney Productions, the premiere took place on December 21 1937.Is show and a story of homonymous Guys Grimm.A first major animation film made in the USA, the biggest success in 1938 and remained until today one of the most loved cartoon.
Once upon a time,it was a king's girl with the skin as white as snow, lips red as blood, hair black .And she was appointed the snow white. The girl lived in king's palace,her father and his mother was dead many years ago, stepmother was unable to undergo because it was nice being treated like a maid.

Queen had a charming mirror in front of which sit in every morning and she asked who is the most in the country.The mirror gave the same answer that she wanted.
-Mirror, mirror who is the most beautiful in the country?
-You, my Queen!

The Queen, opinionated and bad, but thinking that someone else could be more beautiful as her was based in a lie, she ordered to the hunter Humbert to take the snow white in forest to kill her, and bring that as proof her heart. With heavy heart, the hunter took the girl in the forest, but not dared to carry the dirty deed that prompted the Queen .A threw the knife and he asked for forgiveness with tears in eyes, urging her to hide in the forest by his stepmother.

Trying to hide by the stepmother, she sunken forest where she made and she slept.The second day in the morning she woke up surrounded by animals of the forest, who ensure her sleep.The animals led her through to the house of the seven dwarfs.

She carefully opened the door box, where he was an awful mess: chairs scattered on the floor, clothes spread in the room, and near the sink many boats as live dirty.She thinked that are some kids who do not have anyone, she decided to clean and make food. The snow white began to sweep through a wash dishes, put everything in place, the animals remove the spider from sail corners, around the table were seven seats arranged.

Ai-hi! Ai-ho! You know the seven dwarfs from beyond the seven mountains?
They get silver and gold in the mine, you-hi! Ai-ho!
The inhabitants of the small woods cabins were seven dwarfs, they worked from morning till evening in their hands and Scotland gold, silver,diamonds.Tired fatigue with the pickers on their shoulders, a row line is heading home. The girl then went upstairs where found seven beds that were engraved on a name: Doc,The Sleepy, The Snuffy, Ahchoo,The Coy, the Saucy, the Mute.Obosita was located across from the three beds and sleep.

The dwarfs were very close to home when they saw lights on, they were scarried that in house is a witch or a bad hot.They made courage and entered the house where they saw everything brilliant cleaning. In the end, they go upstairs to see who is the intruder, to overcome him in sleep.Ahchoo sneeze hard and the snow white woke up.The Snow white has apologized for the scare and for that she has slept for in their beds without the their permission.The dwarfs have agreed to remain with them to take care of the house.

The Queen asked the mirror who is the most beautiful from country.The mirror gave the same answer that the snow white take, and that she is in the seven dwarf's house .She realized that the hunter wrong - one, and thought to prepare a philter, which turned it into an old ugly and hunchbacked, with flavescent eyes .Then she poisoned an apple and a single bite of it will sleep forever on the snow white.

The Snow white told to the dwarfs to wash their hands of dust that would otherwise not eat.They had some long faces and melancholy, but the later were subject, though they do not keep too much water and soap, the Snuffy rebuff.

The dwarfs have washed their hands and the Snuffy that increasingly refuses to wash, was washed and nail against his screams of objection.

-Hmm, hear, to wash! -I do not think!
I don't leave a daughter tells me what to do!
I don 't care!
That's it!
The dwarfs were sent to bed in order to wake up early in the morning to go to work the next day.They decided to give up the bedroom to snow white and they sleeped in the kitchen. After that they ate,played and danced. Even the eternally disgruntled the Snuffy was influenced by their good mood and he played the piano.

The snow white was separated by dwarfs gaving each of them a kiss on the forehead.

After the dwarfs left,it have heard some hammer in a grand window.It was an old woman with a cart of apples, she has given an apple to a bit of a gulp and then crashed to the floor without life.

Pets felt the danger and went to mine to make dwarfs come home.They have understood very hard about what it is like that Snow White is in danger and they hurryed to casa.When they have reached near the house they saw the witch.Suddenly have watched the storm broke, Queen wanted to throw over dwarfs a boulder, in casual chaos. When the dwarfs entered the house and seen the Snow Whitethat still, lying on the floor in,broke down.The dwarfs not have buried it in the dark and damp earth, they slept in a scrape of a crystal, which they put it in a small glade in the forest, where the knee every day and cry.

In one day the prince had come on horseback, when has seen her lie, was beaten by a hurt .He dropped the horse, get the crystal cover, bend over and kissed her .Then the snow white opened the eyes.

The dwarfs have enjoyed very much that the Snow White alives . The prince took her with him to the castle where they lived happily ever after.